Artist I Love: Meghan Shimek

I love fiber art and was delighted to learn about fiber artist Meghan Shimek through a friend who saw her show a couple years ago at Have Company in Grand Rapids, Mi. I started to follow her on Instagram and was eager to use her work when the right project came along!

Meghan Shimek

Love, love, love the texture.

She uses vibrant merino fibers mixed with soft neutrals, and I love the intensity!

Originally from Michigan, Meghan is inspired by quiet snowy nights and the natural beauty of her surroundings.


A client of mine fell in love with her work and she commissioned Meghan to have a piece made! We didn’t even want to hang it on the wall at first, it was so soft and lush! Here it is below adding color and warmth to her laundry room. The organic feel of her pieces remind me of water and the beach, they have a real calming effect.

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Check out Meghan’s Instagram for more eye candy and original artwork!


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