Before and After: A Laundry Room to Love

Laundry rooms are spaces we use several times a week, if not every day. They are a hard working room with an opportunity to pack a lot of design personality. I feel that powder rooms and laundry rooms both can be a bit wild, especially if you are a little color shy; they are not spaces people spend a lot of time in and a shot of color can really lift your spirits as you walk by that room!

Our homes are often an outside reflection of how we feel inside. I truly believe that if your hard working rooms are neglected and lacking personality it will have a domino effect in your mindset for the day. YES we want rooms to feel beautiful and luxurious because it’s fun and a form of personal expression, but our home has a powerful way of helping us set intentions. Even a luxurious laundry room (whatever that means to you!) can set your mind on the path to growth and joy!


Ok – On to the pretty pictures!!


We designed this home from top to bottom; and left the laundry room for last. Sometimes people enjoy the design process so much they want to savor it and save some areas for later, I totally get it! This was the last room we completed in the home and it was fun. It sits right outside the kitchen and is large enough to also work as a staging room for catering which is SUPER convenient for this client. Here is the room during the build out.

laundry room design, grand rapids interior designer

Here is the “built out” but “undecorated” room.

laundry room decor, grand rapids interior designer

This is the fully decorated room!

laundry room decor, grand rapids interior designer

Wallpaper is by the talented Rebecca Atwood Design out of New York, love her work. It makes me happy to work with artists who have a distinct vision. Also – thank you to RAD for featuring this room on The Fold!

laundry room decor, grand rapids interior designer

The woven art piece on the back wall is by Meghan Shimek, a native Michigan artist. We love the nod to blue water in the textile movement.laundry room decor, grand rapids interior designer

This woven art piece made us so happy we had a hard time putting it on the wall!! I wanted to snuggle with it on the sofa for a while, it’s that soft! Plus it’s heavy and chunky, yum….


I hope you feel inspired to make even the most hard working rooms in your home beautiful. Fill them with art!! Fill them with color! Then get some laundry done with a smile on your face!



Deidre Interiors, Grand Rapids Interior Designer

After photo’s by the talented Jason Reiffer.

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  1. Jenn January 16, 2017 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    I love it! I’m in the midst of a laundry room reno myself and, although I don’t have this much space, you’ve inspired me as always. Love your words of wisdom, gorgeous pictures, and flawless design. Beautiful!

    • Deidre Remtema January 16, 2017 at 5:34 pm - Reply

      Have fun with it, I love colorful wall paper in the laundry room! Post pics to instagram when you’re done!!

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