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1202, 2019

New Project Photos For Our #ProhibitionModern Condo!

We had the pleasure of designing the most amazing space, with the most spectacular original features. A condo with a  16' tall portrait of a woman, advertising a department store from the early twentieth century. She was the star of the show and our design centered around her! We moved the kitchen, rerouted the master bathroom, added a butler's pantry, rearranged the powder and guest bath and added a stair to the loft. We needed [...]

305, 2018

We Are Hiring!

I am excited to announce that we are hiring! We have several fantastic projects under way and I am looking for a fantastic person to join our team! I am looking for a super talented, highly organized person to work 8:30-5pm three to four days a week here at our office. I like people who are fun and no drama with a heart for hospitality and serving clients. This candidate needs to handle details of [...]

1504, 2018

A Studio Tour With Artist Sheryl Budnik and Talking Color with Deb DeGraaf

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes and visit a working artists studio? A few weeks ago I was invited for a studio tour at the home of artist Sheryl Budnik. Sheryl is a talented oil painter and I love her creations! Of course I love to see where people live and work, how they make their own spaces beautiful and what inspires them. Many of Sheryl's paintings are about water and the [...]

2703, 2018

What Is Your Color Personality?

We all like to use color differently in our homes (that's the joy of it!). I find there are are two (for the most part) types of color personalities when it comes to design and decor. The first personality type prefers mostly neutral floors, walls, cabinetry, tile work and furniture. Then, they will accent with color in art, pillows and small furniture pieces. This person wants to see mostly texture with white, taupe, cream, gray [...]

703, 2018

My Bedroom Re Design and Getting Better Sleep

I really struggle with getting good sleep. First of all, I am a light sleeper and easily wake up to noises and changes in light. Second of all, Jeff is blessed with the ability to sleep through anything in just about any circumstance. It makes me crazy and jealous of all the zzzz's he is getting! One way I hope to improve my sleep is by changing up the design in our bedroom. I really [...]

702, 2018

Is Your Home Organized? Does Your Home Make You Happy? (part 3)

Beauty and organization should go hand in hand. A lot of stress in our homes comes from having too much stuff, so purging is important. But think through your typical day, is it easy to find what you need? Is it time consuming to cook in the kitchen because the cabinet layout does not work? We added these built in book shelves to our front Den a couple years ago to manage our over flowing stash [...]