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1412, 2017

The Purple Trend, Jump on Board Or Let It Slide By?

Pantone Inc. announced it's 2018 Color of the Year last week, Ultra Violet. I have found that people tend to have strong feelings about purple, so it should be interesting how this introduction is received!   3 things to know about Pantone's Ultra Violet // If you love it, go big. When trying out this hue in your home don't even think about painting an accent wall! Choose the smallest, darkest room in the house [...]

711, 2017

A Detroit Condo Infused with Japanese Style

New project alert! I can't tell you exactly where personal style comes from, but when you've got it flaunt it! One of the best parts of my job is to uncover my clients taste and transform it into 3D. Every design "like" and "dislike" is considered to develop each clients unique space. Because who wants their home to look exactly like everyone else? Do we value individual expression? It's the difference between eating at a [...]

3010, 2017

Our Freshly Painted White House, Before and After!

Renovating a house is no small undertaking! It's a joy, a pain and a strange addiction that I can't fully explain. We are so delighted to have the exterior of our house transformed, it feels so good! Freshly painted from top to bottom just in time for fall, yay! The original color was a lovely shade of "nicotine beige" as Jeff called it. Ugly plastic shutters that flanked the windows, it was pretty depressing! We [...]

2409, 2017

Do Opposite’s Attract? Why Vintage Decor Works in Every Home

If you want to create a home with style and personality there is one sure fire way, incorporate vintage and antique pieces! The word "vintage" conjures up different emotions depending on the person. Everyone interprets "cool" by their own standards and life experiences! I absolutely LOVE incorporating vintage/antique/one-of-a-kind pieces into my design work. No matter the "style" of the home, a clients personality really shines through when incorporating vintage pieces! Mix, don't match! Above in [...]

409, 2017

A Paint Color for Our Back Addition

I am so excited about how our house is looking now that it's almost entirely white! SUCH a major difference from the tan! Below, when Jeff first bought the house. The back of our 1896 historic house has a small addition that was probably added very early on. We use it for a main floor powder bathroom and entrance to the kitchen. I want to paint it dark gray, I love the contrast between the [...]