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1712, 2016

Your Home by Design: Pro Tips for Fresh and Natural Holiday Decor

On the second Monday of every month I have a segment on the Shelley Irwin morning show called Your Home by Design, where we talk about design tips and trends. This month our guest was Elizabeth Schenk from Posh Petals! I have been following Elizabeth since she had her first shop in Cheshire, I loved to stop in there and pick up flowers for clients. Stopping in is especially fun when the girls are working [...]

1312, 2016

Before and After: From Storage Room to Home Office

I love transforming really difficult spaces. It's almost as if the harder the design problem the more fun it is, because I know the result will be so satisfying! Some renovations  are challenging because you don't know exactly what you will find when the contractor starts opening up walls, or the existing architecture is beautiful and we need to mindfully update for modern living. This project was a challenge because it was a small room [...]

812, 2016

Health and Home: Design Your House to Keep Depression at Bay

I know from working with clients that the design of a home has a profound effect on how they feel from the inside out. Supporting healthy habits with intentional design choices is a passion of mine! I love helping people live their best life in a home they love. If you struggle with depression or changes in mood during the winter, consider some of these design changes to your home! Support regular exercise with fun [...]

412, 2016

Fitzgerald Condo in the Grand Rapids Press + 3 Design Tips for Upholstered Headboards

I am so excited to share that a favorite client of mine had her home published in the Grand Rapids Press last week. This project was such a joy to design! My lovely client had the best approach to the process - she was very specific on what she liked and didn't like WHILE at the same time giving me the freedom and space to create. This is my favorite way to work! I love [...]

1611, 2016

Rockford Renovation: Kitchen Before + After

I love working on kitchens because I love to cook! If a kitchen is ugly and does not have enough storage or counter space it can be stressful. Always having to compensate for a poor design gets really old. I have lived through kitchen renovations and I know they are tough, but the outcome is ALWAYS worth it! This client went back and forth about renovating the house they were in or moving. They spoke [...]

1411, 2016

Timeless Design Tips for Fall + The WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

I recently started a new design segment on the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin called “Your Home by Design”. Once a month Shelley and I will discuss  a specific design topic and bring on guests. Shelley is on the radio five days a week with segments on business,  food and wellness, personal style, and more. A couple months ago I was on Ask the Expert with Shelley talking design and it was really fun! [...]