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3006, 2017

Bram’s Bedroom Mood Board

We are going room by room in our house these days updating and refreshing. I have furniture on order for Marek's bedroom which has another 4 weeks or so to get here, and now my mind is on Bram's bedroom! Oh man do I love this little guy! He has such a personality and strong opinions on style! Purple is his favorite color, he loves fashion and has told me he wants to be an [...]

2106, 2017

Before and After Home Bar + 5 Bar Design Tips

I am slightly addicted to how extreme before and afters can get, aren't you? When I meet with a new client and their home is really ugly but I see the potential I start to salivate because I know we are in for some fun. This client has a home in a location they LOVE, but they did not like the interior. To put it mildly, the kitchen and bar spaces were poorly designed. Not [...]

1206, 2017

I Love Round Dining Tables!

We have had a total of four different dining tables in our fifteen years of marriage! A couple were hand-me-downs from family, one was a large rectangular mission style table with a bench and our latest is an antique I hunted and hunted for! Three of our tables have been round and I have to say, it's my favorite shape! I adore this room by Lee Kelinhelter, great mix of modern and traditional! We love our [...]

2605, 2017

The “B” Word in Design… Budget!

Budget is always the toughest thing to sort through as people start a design project. How much should my investment be? In order to determine how much you want to spend on a renovation, new construction home or decor project you have to really understand your Wish List. In my experience most people don't fully understand the connection between their Budget and their Wish List at the beginning of a project. The Wish List and Budget [...]

105, 2017

A Bright Front Door!

Lot's of progress on painting our 1896 historic home in Creston and I am excited to say we went with a light color! It is so exciting for us to have a fresh look! As a reminder, here is an older photo of the front of our house. The front porch had been damaged in the 1920's (we believe) and the home owner made the porch smaller. At a later date, vinyl shutters were added, which [...]