I am so excited to share that a favorite client of mine had her home published in the Grand Rapids Press last week. This project was such a joy to design! My lovely client had the best approach to the process – she was very specific on what she liked and didn’t like WHILE at the same time giving me the freedom and space to create. This is my favorite way to work!

Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids Interior Designer, modern condo

I love renovation work (even though it’s really challenging – think surgery on a building) because it’s an opportunity to help a building with it’s next “life”.¬†Buildings are living and breathing, they aren’t meant to be stagnant. Technology, lifestyle and aesthetics all contribute to how buildings evolve over time. I find it fascinating!!

Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids Interior Designer, modern condo

In all three bedrooms of this home my client wanted upholstered headboards. I love using upholstered headboards because they can add color and pattern or be simple and neutral. They create a softness to the bed that’s inviting!modern bedroom, upholstered headboard, purple velvet

Above is one of the bedrooms in the Fitz condo, purple velvet! Here are three things I consider when designing a bedroom with an upholstered headboard:

  1. Consider using a performance fabric that is stain resistant. If you read in bed like I do, you will be sitting up and keeping the fabric free of stains is important.
  2. Use a slip cover headboard or bed design that makes the headboard easy to change. I love this for kids especially, maybe a robot fabric is fun while they are little, then as they grow older you can have it redone into the next style. Kids LOVE to personalize!
  3. Don’t be afraid of pattern on the headboard! Keep the rest of the bedroom simple and make the headboard a focal point – this can be a modern linear pattern or classic large scale organic print. Have fun with it!

You can see the rest of this project here. I hope you guys have a great week, looks like we are getting snow, eek!! Stay warm!


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