Beauty and organization should go hand in hand.

A lot of stress in our homes comes from having too much stuff, so purging is important. But think through your typical day, is it easy to find what you need? Is it time consuming to cook in the kitchen because the cabinet layout does not work?

We added these built in book shelves to our front Den a couple years ago to manage our over flowing stash of books, it has made a huge difference in our house hold clutter! The baskets at the base hold the “unpretty” things; remotes, random kids toys, etc.

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What are those tasks that you do day in and day out that add stress simply because of the design of your home. Write those down for each room, don’t get overwhelmed it’s important to document the problem without trying to solve it all at once! Organization is a key part of our interior design projects. Shave time off your day and gain head space, purge and organize. Here are three of my favorite resources to inspire you.