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Former YMCA racket ball courts are transformed into a luxury condo for downtown living. Grand Rapids Magazine looks into the unique design features and art collection.

Deidre Remtema of Deidre Interiors joins James Clark of Urban Obsess Day Salon and Tom Czernial of Landscape Design Services for an Ask the Designer interview with Shelley Irwin.

West Michigan Woman asks Deidre to share tips on the wallpaper trend.

Deidre and Shelley Irwin talk about Timeless Design Tips for Fall, five ways to infuse design into your life as the weather cools down!

Deidre Interiors featured in West MI Womans website

Deidre designs five fantasy rooms around five ArtPrize artists entries and encourages us to bring more art into our homes.

Deidre’s racquetball-court to modern-home conversion is featured on MLive.