Many people I know have strong feelings about real verses fake plants in the house. No one likes a fake plant that looks like plastic, yuck! Research shows plants in our home make us feel better, but what if you have a black thumb or travel a lot? Don’t miss out on the psychological benefits of  greenery, you can have fake plants but they must have these three characteristics:

  • Pick fake plants that are imperfect. Nature is wonky, make sure your plant looks a little tipsy to pull off an authentic look.
  • Don’t let the dust settle. Real or fake, make sure the plants get dusted! The green turns murky through a layer of dust and the leaves loose their freshness.
  • Don’t go overboard! A few plants go a long way, create a focal point not a jungle!

green paint, entry, Christmas garland


Above – real garland at our house last Christmas. I loved how it smelled, but is was pretty messy!

Have you started to think about how your home will feel in 2017? Will you have plants, fresh wall colors or new art? Your home is there to inspire you so let it! We are already looking at our list of design projects for our home for 2017. I am excited to see how they help us live fuller, more organized and more inspired!


Deidre Interiors, Grand Rapids Interior Designer