Room to Renew 2019 Caregiver Grant Application

Room to Renew is now accepting applications for the 2019 Caregiver project grant.  The mission of Room to Renew is to uplift, restore and rejuvenate those who have dedicated their time and energy to taking care of someone with a special need or illness. We do this through designing a room in their home to make it a personal, beautiful, functional and relaxing retreat. Room to Renew is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Scope and Requirements

Following is a description of the general scope of the project and Caregiver requirements:

  • General
    • Project must be in the Caregivers home in the Grand Rapids Metro area and while ancillary benefits could accrue to the person being cared for, the Caregiver should be the primary beneficiary of the Room to Renew project.
  • Timeline
    • Caregiver grant applications are due no later that 5pm on Friday April 26, 2019.
    • Interviews with finalists will take place the week of May 6th and the 2019 grant recipient will be selected no later than May 17th.
    • Project design and planning will be completed by June 30th with renovations beginning in July/August 2019.
  • Construction
    • Caregivers will have limited/no access to the project area during renovation.
    • Renovation crews must have relative ease of access to the project area in the home.
    • Typical renovation noise and activity will take place.
  • PR & Communications
    • While we respect privacy of the Caregiver and beneficiaries, grantees will be required to give permission for photography and publicity. This will benefit public awareness around Room to Renew and the many project sponsors who are donating time/material.
  • Nominator Requirements

Nominators will be required to function as ‘ambassadors’ for the project and for Room to Renew.  Specific activities could include such as volunteering, program promotion, fundraising, etc.  Details will be discussed during the interview process

Caregiver Nominator Information

Caregiver Information

Please tell us the Caregiver’s story, the situation they are experiencing and need for a ‘Room to Renew’. With regard to the project, be as specific as possible but a full detailed description of the potential project is not required at this time. What impact do you believe this will have on the Caregiver? Our primary objective is to get to know the Caregivers story and potential project(s) in their home with a focus on why this project would give the Caregiver comfort.