Is Your Home Organized? Does Your Home Make You Happy? (part 3)

Beauty and organization should go hand in hand. A lot of stress in our homes comes from having too much stuff, so purging is important. But think through your typical day, is it easy to find what you need? Is it time consuming to cook in the kitchen because the cabinet layout does not work? We [...]

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Is Your Home Beautiful? Does Your Home Make You Happy? (part 2)

Would you describe your home as beautiful? Refined? Charming? Joyful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and studies have shown that gazing at art alone can cause a surge of dopamine in the orbital frontal cortex of the brain. The same affect associated with romantic love. Do the art, textiles, wallpaper, molding, tile, color [...]

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Health and Home: Design Your House to Keep Depression at Bay

I know from working with clients that the design of a home has a profound effect on how they feel from the inside out. Supporting healthy habits with intentional design choices is a passion of mine! I love helping people live their best life in a home they love. If you struggle with depression or [...]

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