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Hot trend for 2014: Painted Cabinets

Posted  2.3.2014

If you have a kitchen with a great layout but are unhappy with the look of your cabinets, painting them can be a very sophisticated option. I LOVE the variety and life painted kitchen cabinets can have. If you are looking for a truly unique look, that is %100 you, customize your kitchen cabinets and have them painted!

I love to work in a variety of design styles and this technique can go in so many directions. Modern, new traditional, glam, or minimal this look can be a show stopper!

Black is always hot. When in doubt, paint it black.


Do you get the winter blues? Not with this soft yellow hue!


Blue on blue, jewel tones have style staying power.

Gray… Ahhhhh so soothing, are we in the kitchen or at a spa? Also – the super thick counter slab is super chic.


Don’t want to paint everything? Focus on the pantry or base cabinets and leave the rest.


Cameron Diaz chose emerald green in her kitchen. LOVE the back splash.


Of course, white is always a winner. Bright and fresh, it is the most common cabinet finish for a reason. Timeless!


Find all these inspirational rooms on my Kitchen Pinterest Board.Kitchens are the hub of the home, make yours special. You deserve to have a space that is functional, easy to use, and beautiful. My favorite thing about my kitchen? The people of course! (coffee is a close second…)

Excited about my week, lots of work to do but also a great getaway with my family on Friday snowboarding up north.



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mixing metals in your interior

Posted  7.14.2013

I don’t believe in hard and fast rules, I prefer to break them!! I know some of you like to stick with one metal finish for your home, your jewelry, accessories, etc. Would you consider mixing up your metals a bit? Pairing gold with silver or copper with oil rubbed bronze? 
mixing metals

The picture above is from a condo I am working on right now. We are using copper and silver accents with lots of bright white, much like this AMAZING kitchen below.


 (I do not know the source for this kitchen, please email me if you do!)

I can’t wait to show you finished photos of this amazing condo! Here are a few of the pieces we are using in the space. The copper and silver create a balance between warm and cool, it’s gorgeous!!!

PicMonkey Collage

Would you mix different metals in your home? Don’t be afraid (if you are I’m here to help, ha!).

Happy Monday everyone, let’s connect!


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kitchen island redo

Posted  7.18.2012

Sometimes we love what we have, we just want to tweak it a bit.

I have a client who loves their kitchen but would really like to add in an island. She loves her kitchen, just needs the layout to be adjusted! Right now they have a peninsula, but could get more use out of an island that the entire family can fit around. I went to her house, took pictures, and we talked about what they had in mind.

This peninsula would come out to make room for an island.

The table and chairs are where the new island would go.

I went back to my office and drew up a floor plan to confirm a few things for them:

1) That an island would fit in the space.

2) It would be large enough to seat their family.

3) Walkways would be adequate.

Here is the “nuts and bolts” plan that I sent them.

My client mentioned having part of the island raised to bar height, which is what the round counter top represents, fun! With a few modifications to what she already has there is plenty of room for an island that seats 5 people!

Have ideas you would like tested out? Need ideas for simply updating your kitchen to make it work for your lifestyle?


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client kitchen reveal

Posted  3.5.2012

A few weeks ago I updated you guys on a client who was originally going to gut their kitchen. They decided against a complete gut job and instead we made a few calculated choices to upgrade what they had. Here are a couple before pictures…

We met, and I helped them put together a plan.  I am so please with how this project turned out and here’s why:

The design fits with their personality and the age of the house.

The color scheme flows with the rest of the house.

The design changes maximized counter space in a tight space.

We increased storage AND added in a microwave!

Here are the afters!

The other beauty to this project is that because the homeowner did the work themselves (hubby is VERY talented carpenter, electrician, DIYer) Guess how much it cost them?
Outside of new appliances they only spent $600!!!
And this is what they did:
New counter tops.
New backs plash.
New cabinet doors.
New door pulls.
New crown molding at the top of cabinets.
New molding at the base of the upper cabinets.
New lighting.Refinished floors.
Refinished butcher block counter top.
New sink faucet.
New rug.
What do you guys think? I hope your week is off to a great start! If you need help envisioning your new kitchen let’s talk!
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kitchen client design options and giveaway

Posted  2.28.2012

I have a client who is a bit tired of her 1970’s kitchen…

This is the existing layout, typical U shape work area with table and chairs. She doesn’t like how the kitchen is closed off from the rest of the house either.

We got together and she told me all of her “wants” for a new kitchen. A layout that would open up to the rest of the house, kitchen island or peninsula and updated finishes. They like a medium cherry finish and aren’t afraid of color! One part of the house has light maple floors and the kitchen has oak so carefully blending the two is important. My client also came from an older home with a lot of it’s original character, now in her existing home the challenge is to blend the love of old and new.

Schematic A includes opening up walls (pending assessment by architect or builder), adding a peninsula and bench seating.

Schematic B includes a center island, counter depth refridgerator and larger wall openings into adjacent rooms.

These drawings are helping my client “see” the potential of her space. She can also start planning her budget and timeline. Do you love your kitchen? Call me if you’d like to “see” the potential of your space!

On another note…

I am giving away my third Design Package this week to celebrate the launch of my new website. Go to this post to get in on it! The second winner will be announced on Friday 3/2/12.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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new kitchen client

Posted  2.15.2012

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in a house to design. It combines everything I love, technical details, heavy emphasis on functionality and a variety of finishes that result in numerous options. It gets the most abuse, and if designed well can make life so much easier!!

Today I’m meeting with a new client to discuss their kitchen remodel. I’ll be learning more about their style, what kind of cooks they are and what they love or hate about the current kitchen set up.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it as the project progresses!

In the mean time, here is a unique inspiration photo from my Kitchen Pinterest Board, can you imagine having so many windows? I love it!!

Don’t forget that I am giving away a Design Package this week to celebrate the launch of my new website. Go to this post to get in on it! The winner will be announced on Friday!

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client kitchen

Posted  1.27.2012

In the fall I met with a client/friend about a complete remodel of their kitchen. We met again last week to come up with a less intrusive strategy because their plans have changed, fancy that? Plans change, whoa?? They have decided to put the house up for sale in the spring, if it sells they’ll move, if not they are happy to stay where they are. We decided not to gut everything and put together a design they could execute quickly on their own (the hubby is VERY handy). It’s still going to be a lot of work, but a lot less money! Here’s the plan:

  • remove the small unusable dishwasher and put in drawers
  • replace all cabinet doors
  • replace countertop
  • take out 1970’s plastic colored window above sink
  • paint cabinets and walls
  • put on new door hardware
  • look for stainless steel appliances on Craigslist
  • install new tile backsplash

Here are the before pictures…

I’ll get to show you the after pictures in a couple weeks. In the mean time here’s an inspiration teaser…


I am getting busier and spring will be here before you know it. Let me know how I can help get your house projects under way!

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Design Board: Aunt Denise’s Kitchen

Posted  8.23.2011

My Aunt Denise (my mother’s sister) lives in a house in the city built in the 1890’s. My house was built in 1896 so I sympathize with the project load that comes with an older home. While the “to do” list is long she has completely re-landscaped and brought in new furniture and window treatments. To say my Aunt is creative is an understatement. Last week she woke up in the night to create a floral arrangement for her front door, then stood outside tweaking it to perfection at 3am. She is an amazing gardener and quilter and loves planning her home. She watches my boys once a week while I go to yoga so we get to catch up on her projects, and she has me put in my two cents!

Here are some before/demo pictures…

My Aunt Denise striking a pose in her unfinished kitchen! Yeah… been there done that.

See that 1950’s sink cabinet under the window? We’ve decided to reuse it and I’m sooo excited! This old house has a basement full of vintage interior fixtures, many of which have never been used. My Aunt goes shopping in her basement to decorate her house! For the kitchen she has found:

  • Cool 1950’s cabinet hardware, still in the box.
  • A funky ceiling mount light fixture, probably 1950’s or earlier.
  • Dishes and accessories.

Here is a closer shot of the super cool (I’m just a little jealous) sink and cabinet.

I think this project will be hanging around for a while, they are not in a huge hurry (i.e. budget, time, diy, careers and a life…) Aunt Denise and I have discussed some interior finishes, but I threw this design board together so we can dream and plan about it’s completion!

My Aunt is very creative and loves design, she has been clipping kitchen photos for a long time. Here are a few examples of her design persuasion!

What do you think of this aesthetic? Rusticy, vintagey, casual… Do you try to keep or enhance architectural aspects of your home? 

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Before and After: My Parent’s Kitchen

Posted  3.20.2011

Embracing the whole cute small house with character idea my parents Mark and Lori, moved from a bland, large newer home into a small cottage style house built in 1933. Since my Mom and Dad are accomplished do-it-yourselfers trading in a finished low maintenance home for an older house that needed to be completely redone wasn’t out of their league. Now that it’s just my youngest sister Gloria (love ya Glo!) and their three year old yorkie-poo Carlos (best dog ever!) at home with them they did not need as much room and were yearning for a house with soul. To say that this house needed a facelift is an understatement, we’re talking a full head to toe nip and tuck operation here. But this is why I love old houses, a couple swings of the hammer and she’s ready for the ball!

The first issue with the kitchen was the layout, lots of wasted space. Second, everything was basically falling apart, countertop cracked, dishwasher barely worked, and on and on.  Here’s a lovely picture of Cinderella before her prince charming…

We put together a layout that would provide more storage and open up the space. Then my parents started shopping around for the best value on cabinets, appliances, countertops, etc. They divied up the work between professionals (plumbing, electrical, installing cabinets) and themselves (painting, trim, installing tile). I love how the new space is floaded with light and lets you see more of the dining and living room. They planned a simple color pallet so colorful accents could jazz it up at a whim.

I love the concrete countertops and modern hardware…

My Dad, aka master tile installer put up the back splash, he throws a mean trowel!

My sweet little Bram helps define scale and proportion, the perfect model in my eyes!

I’ve lived though a couple kitchen renovations with my folks and they do a great job. It’s never fun to wash dishes in your bathtub or eat out of a microwave for extended periods but it was worth it!

Cabinets: Meridian, Appliances: KitchenAid, Flooring: Lumber Liquidators, Sink: Elklay,Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore White Dove, Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Timid White, Tile: Lowes

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