When you see a person in amazing clothes, do you imagine where she is headed or what her home must be like? Or, when you see a beautiful room in a magazine do you ever wonder, what are the people like who live there? I certainly do! Fashion and home naturally inspire one another and create a personal world that can be so very interesting.

A friend of mine that I have known since grade school, Shannon Williams of Sunrise Studio, is a fashion designer. She was inspired to sketch a dress based on a kitchen and bar I designed for a client, and sent it over to me!

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Here is Shannon’s sketch, isn’t it inspiring? This woman looks classic and modern, I think I need this dress! I often ask to see my clients wardrobe when finding inspiration for their homes, BUT you can certainly be so inspired by your home that it influences how you dress.

How your home looks and how you dress will most definitely inspire how you feel, I know it does for me. I love the color of this dress and her confident walk!fashion inspiration, teal dress


Check out the full before and after of this kitchen here. I hope you feel great in your home and how you dress. If not let’s connect, have a great week!


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