We all like to use color differently in our homes (that’s the joy of it!). I find there are are two (for the most part) types of color personalities when it comes to design and decor.

The first personality type prefers mostly neutral floors, walls, cabinetry, tile work and furniture. Then, they will accent with color in art, pillows and small furniture pieces. This person wants to see mostly texture with white, taupe, cream, gray and brown, these colors feel soothing and sophisticated. Below is an inspiration image a current client showed me for her large remodel project. All about the texture!!Deidre Interiors

The biggest mistake I see about this look is that the house is neutral but boring, the photo above is not boring because it has pattern and texture. That is the only way this look works!

Adding color to this look is easy. In this master bedroom we designed it was all about texture, from the trees outside to the wallpaper behind the bed. A simple velvet throw blanket and blue pillows added a hint of color that is easy to switch out.

Vergennes Project

The second type of color personality is the homeowner who loves more intense colors for the permanent selections in their home. Recently I have been working with a client on a condo, and we are using color in the tile, cabinetry AND flooring. It’s all so yummy! Here is one photo we have been inspired by for her bathroom, a green shower is in the works for sure!

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Here is another example of working color into the permanent selections of your home. If you dream of having color and neutrals all over feels like settling then go ahead and use your favorite hues, you wont regret it! I know it can be intimidating to do it right, this is where we love helping people master the mix.

baño social

Which way do you prefer to use color in your home? Are neutrals dominant or does more color make you happy? If you can’t decide don’t stress, we LOVE to help people discover what makes them tick!


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