Located in Grand Rapids Michigan, Deidre Interiors offers full service interior design for new builds, historic properties and complete furnishings projects. Our personality driven work is inspired by our clients unique experiences, the breathtaking beauty of the great outdoors and the joy of sourcing one-of-a-kind objects.


how to find the right interior design firm for your next project

know thyself

The design process requires a lot of self-reflection. While you are interviewing designers take the time to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, then communicate those clearly. What kind of decision maker are you? When was the last time you went through the design process for a home and how was that experience? Are you a hands-on person or hands off? This is a personal service and the designer you work with should be naturally tailored to your needs.

This is a phrase I use a lot in my work, it applies to so many things! Before sitting down with a designer get clear about the parameters of your project. The scope should include room types, square footage, general style, timeline, and initial budget requirements. At this point your conversation is very high level, but these details are important right away to determine if your scope is the right fit for the design firm. Like I said, not two firms are alike. For a great fit, your project scope lines up perfectly with the type of design work the interior designer specializes in. Alignment is key!.

start with the end in mind

Running a professional business takes the right team, processes, and experience. Discussing fee structure and project process is important in establishing expectations. Clear communication from the beginning makes for an enjoyable experience!

Understand the Fee Structure

During that first conversation, how does your personality and passion overlap? Are you on the same plane or in a different universe? Do you want 1930’s art deco and the designer’s all about contemporary prairie style? Do you have a sense for their values; grace, courtesy, follow through. Not only do we see our clients as partners in the design process, but we also see them as our friends. You should too.

Align Passion and Personality

I hope your next project is a joyful process!

All my best!