Located in Grand Rapids Michigan, Deidre Interiors offers full service interior design for new builds, historic properties and complete furnishings projects. Our personality driven work is inspired by our clients unique experiences, the breathtaking beauty of the great outdoors and the joy of sourcing one-of-a-kind objects.


Otto Stark House

Designed by architect Otto Stark, this remarkable modern home built in 1967 was fully renovated and restored. Keeping with the modern aesthetic, and celebrating the unique shape of the home, interior spaces were shifted to celebrate the beautiful views through the woods and out to the pond. The kitchen was moved and made larger, two existing bedrooms and a bath were merged to make a primary suite, a skylight was relocated above the dining table and all new bathrooms throughout the home were designed. A favorite part of the project was reimagining the existing carved front doors, originally brought home from Spain by Stark, but were no longer functional. We designed them into the primary bath and living room cabinetry. A gathering space for family and friends, this home provides a sanctuary for relaxing at the end of the day.

Builder, New Urban Home Builders
Photography, Geoff Shirley