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the cuba post: travel guide and inspiration for design work

My sister had a big birthday this year and to celebrate we planned a 5 day trip to Havana Cuba. It was incredible and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves history, fascinating architecture, warm weather, gorgeous views and a little adventure. It was a little more work to put together and navigate but not egregious, I would definitely do this trip again and explore more of the country. I have been getting a lot of questions so I wanted to share some tips if you decide to go, please let me know if you do!

It's important depending on when you are reading this article to check on the latest travel advise per the US government. But, at the time we went restrictions had been lifted and we flew from Michigan to Newark, then straight to Havana. It was  easy and  smooth!

We decided to book an Airbnb in the heart of the Old Havana neighborhood. Our apartment was absolutely charming! Three bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining room plus two balconies. I loved having the space to relax and our host was  incredibly helpful.



the flight


Preparing for our trip required a few more steps than a typical vacation, but nothing difficult. In addition to our Passport we needed the pink Cuban tourist visa, and no US credit cards work so cash is necessary. Since Cuba adopted the Cuban peso as its sole currency, at the time of our trip both US dollars and Euros were accepted. Make sure to verify the latest requirements for currency when you go!

We hired a guide to plan out our itinerary which is the way to go. Our first full day included a walking tour in the morning and a tour via classic car in the afternoon. My brother in law and I took a boxing lesson and we visited a beach to swim on another day. We celebrated my sisters birthday dinner at La Guarida where the food and atmosphere was nothing short of magical!




Our favroite spots


material inspiration

I took a lot of photographs and love to look at the different textures and color combinations when I get back home from trips. I can sit and day dream about color and material ideas based on my travel photo's ALL DAY LONG. Its practically a form of meditation! The doors in Havana were especially impressive. Above left is a building exterior from one of our walks. I  loved the rich wood door with green and blue tiles. On the right is  a playful interpretation of that image created back at our design studio, can't you see this in a home?

Everyone talks about the cars, and it's true - so much eye candy! Vintage cars from every decade are in use and the variety is immense! I highly recommend taking a taxi to experience the different cars and check out the interiors. We  visited the car museum  Museo del Automóvil in Old Havana which houses a collection of very well preserved automobiles of all different models.



get inspired

cars, cars, cars

Cuba is a mix of so many things;; beauty, history, elegance but also extreme poverty. The juxtaposition is striking. I kept thinking about the richness of the culture and the potential. It was a memorable trip and I would definitely go back. We have more travel coming up this year, it fuels my creativity and I can't wait to share the next foray!

All my best!

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